April 03 2020 Friday at 01:01 PM


It’s no secret that the enthusiasm of the Deus community is the lifeblood of The Emporium of Postmodern Activities and when the community gets together and does its thing is when Deus feels most like Deus. With this in mind, The 2016 Bike Build Off in Venice California was a showcase of the Deus spirit at its finest - reminding us once again that it's about having a bit of fun and that what we ride doesn't have to fit into a cookie cutter. In fact, it's probably more fun if it doesn't! Bearing witness to the creativity and ingenuity behind each build as it was wheeled into the lot was an inspiration. Talking to the proud builders about their work and hearing their stories was an education and a testament to the limitlessness of enthusiasm that can be applied to the building of motorcycles. Special thanks to everyone who came out this year and to 805 Beer for keeping our whistles wet! See the winners of the Venice BBO HERE

Online voting for the global people's choice award opens this Friday the 30th of September at bikebuildoff.com, where you will be able to look through all the winners from Sydney, Milan, Tokyo, Bali and LA - Make sure to get your vote in for the one you like.

Search #deusbbo2016 for posts from Bike Build Off contestants around the globe.