April 03 2020 Friday at 12:21 PM

2016 Deus Dress Up Drags

The strip was ripped, the sun was shining and the throttles were popping and the 2016 Deus Dress Up Drags tore up dirt for a day of smiles, fun and pure drag tomfoolery. Dressed loose, the Deus friends and family went head to head – nothing serious, just two and four-stroke speed under the Canggu. Mario and Luigi went head to head, our Italian rootsed restaurant heads, Daniele and Rodrigo. El Bandito, Temple GM, Arthur Perrin, flew the flag and the crowd hooted and hollered down the pitch in dirt-spitting enthusiasm. The Deus Dress Up Drags is a coming together of community, a collaboration of custom bike enthusiasts in a ‘ride what you got’ day out. Drag, street, Café Racer and stripped back, hand-built one-offs – anything goes. Drag it, race it, love it. The local groms stripped the tarmac on the side roads, throwing monos while they waited for the event to gear up. When the chequered flag dropped, they were ready, going tyre to tyre against the big boys on their two-stroke mopeds and giving the home crowd the thrills they’d rocked up for. Drawing riders and spectators from across the region, one young lady found her calling, flagging in the riders with style and grace, an unknown who stepped up – community, the soul of Dress Up Drags. Bummed at the drop of his weekend race-meet, Kelana Humphrey took that pent up adrenalin and dumped it clean on the track – diminutive maybe, but that kids-don’t fear guts tore the rug from under his senior peers and the kid put more than a few riders twice his size in their place…their place way, way back, watching a kid half their size on a bike half the power humble them in front of a host of witnesses. Back at the Temple ranch, the crew collected, taking the enthusiasm beyond dark, Alben ciders flowing free and blues rock electrifying the Temple of Enthusiasm. The Deus Dress Up Drags began as a birthday celebration for three of out good friends – Steve ‘Monty’ Montell, Dave Lewis and Andrew Wellman - and while only one could make the day, our shouts and congrats go out to all. Happy birthday lads, from the Deus Temple crew. Special thanks to photographers, @kelibow & @ol_sin #DressUpDrags