April 03 2020 Friday at 02:01 PM

9ft Plus Boards and Walls Full of Prints - DEUS 9FT & SINGLE 2018

The festival of feet over the nose and dancing on your toes rose a little bit later than usual after a massive night with Australian band LIME CORDIALE bashing out some blistering tunes in the Deus Temple backyard. We hit the beach at dawn where the light and a low tide revealed the razor sharp reef that lays beneath the Perenenan Right. We knew that the incoming tide would soon smooth that over and it did, conditions ripened into a perfect morning of solid rights and not a breath of wind. The first four slid out a little after 7.30 and after a blast on the siren split the morning quietness right down the middle, we began the event in much anticipated earnest. There wasn’t an ounce of disappointment either. Huey pushed the perfect size swell our way, the full field of riders danced and shook their way across the waves, just as smoothly executed as last night’s dance moves. Sierra Lerback and Rosie Jaffurs took a couple of spots in the later heats taking on the gents showcasing pure finesse and absolute style, just warming up for tomorrows Ladies Log Fest. The beach was awash with good conversation and a stunningly sizeable crowd, no surprise with beers cold on ice and a remarkable display of log riding, the contestants pushed themselves from one extreme to the other, pulling into tight pockets, smooth carves and even a good ol’ headstand from one of the local Canggu Surf Community contestants. The reports that trickled in from outside that it was tricky conditions out there, although from our spot settled up upon the scorching sands it was a little hard to comprehend. All that paddled out made it look easy, and that's something that's not so easy. After ploughing through eight rounds of heats, and the quarterfinals the judges decided to pull the handbrake on the event for the day opting instead for a cleansing ale washed down with accounts of the mornings' surf. Tomorrow we will be back down just after dawn to run the semis and the final, along with the Ladies Log Fest and with time willing the Under 9ft & Single event. Hold onto your log rails folks, we’re in for another big day but before we get to that we got an Art Show to open. Bang on seven pm we dropped the curtains in the Deus Gallery. A humble set of four white walls they have been privy to some truly amazing art shows over the year. This was another of those shows that wasn't going to disappoint. Entitled "Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight" it was the cerebral child of Marcus Dixon & Brendan Davies. A collection of their new work, showcasing the artist's mutual affinity with zine culture aesthetic of yesteryear where ones lack of resources became redefined as a virtue. Graphic salutes to each artist's hometowns abounded and felt like a looking glass on misspent youth at the arse end of the world. People stopped and stared at the art. They mingled and chatted all the while lapping up the free flow Two Islands wines and the Albens ciders. The lubrication pushed people back to the point in time where they to nodded in recognition and smiled knowingly to the shared cultural references and alliances to pubescent publications that haunted the abundance of hours wasted on pulp mags from that remembered time. Images by Damea Dorsey, Giang GAW, Keli Bow