April 03 2020 Friday at 02:01 PM

The Wickedly Wild Womp Comp and a Concert Par Excellence - DEUS 9FT & SINGLE 2018

The Deus Canggu Womp Comp, now into its fifth year, would have to be of one of our most fun events. A mish-mash of smash-crash bodysurfing, well admired water abilities and slapstick comedy routines. The first heat flapped their fins out through the famed Perenenan right, each of the four eager to lay claim to that first wave of the day. Harrison Biden was once again outshining his fellow competitors in his beautiful leopard print budgie smugglers. With mouthwatering smells wafting across the sand from the Deus BBQ spectators lounged back and enjoyed the day’s proceedings, which were watched far and wide by an audience from the Facebook live stream. The weather gods graced us with a decent swell but there were periods of nothing at all leaving the audience on the beach wide open to be amused by a carousel of microphone wielding would be comedians led by none other than Ambrose McNeil and Thomas Edwards. Not that the ocean was flat, far from it, we had swell push through and the heats were more than peppered with the promise of another bunch coming. We saw sets from it in the last heats and with a bit of luck and a prayer, it will hit in time for tomorrows Deus 9ft & Single Log Fest. D Hump grabbed up his fins and made a much sought-after appearance out in the lineup, albeit with a pink unicorn inflatable as his choice of craft. To a man, and woman, they swam in hard and let themselves be lifted up and thrown perilously out, forward and down well aware of the risky razor sharp and shallow reef that makes this right such a good surf spot. Mush, bustle, hustle and foam balls ended up throwing four of them into the finals. Doc Thomas Bexon, Keoki Saguibo, Harrison Bydon and Harrison Roach. They posed for photos and skulled the remainder of their drinks before dancing across the burning sands for one final battle of the watermen. Who won? Sorry no sneaky bits of info here, you are just going to have to come back on Sunday night to see who took out the title. Being sneaky, most snuck off to get a mid-afternoon recharge. It was going to be needed, tonight promised great things and after a day in the waves, an energy boost was on the cards. The crowd reconvened back at Deus at 7pm. The yard was devoid of all the furniture from the night before and the stage was thrust out and set to take a 5 piece. People ambled in armed themselves with a drink and got ready for a great night. Aray Daulay and the Island Souls opened the night up and for over an hour spirits of both sorts ran high. DJ Mamba fed us some high jinx beats to keep it all together while the techs spun the stage around and before you knew it, Australian band, Lime Cordiale were clambering up there, plugging their instruments in and began to belt it out. The crowd surged forward to suck up every open space at the front. They played everything they had and before the crowd could yell for more they began to feed us stuff we didn't know we needed. What a night! The band was amazing. They had picked everyone up and transported us, all and sundry, to a place on a different altitude. When it came, the finish always has to come, no one welcomed it. We wanted it to keep on giving, going, dancing. Alas, It wasn't to be and en masse we were left to dance the excess energy away to the DJ as we headed towards the new day. Images by Damea Dorsey, Giang GAW, Keli Bow