April 03 2020 Friday at 09:03 AM

9FT and Single ; Art, Music & Log Festival

The paddle royalé is upon us once again, so bust out your plank and come on down. We've plotted a weekend voyage of serious fun in the sun with the bro's that knows, mixing it with mates from afar and the local crew that are. But wait there's more.

There's a veritable plethora of activities all working in orbit around our main event, a traditional log-jamboree down on the shores of Canggu. Our three day soirée is not only filled with bands tearing apart the back yard and artists hung out on the walls, we've also lined up some surprises, one of which being the Second Annual Deus Bali Fish Fry. We like to think of it as a shindig for the masses that squeezes together art with music and tops the whole kit and caboodle off with lashings of old school log sliding lubricated by about a squillion beers, rambunctious cheers and undoubtedly a few tears. We'll not let you yearn for drop knee turns, bottom turns nor some great big burns. We've got a freaking fantastic weekend long event that’s destined to leave everyone happy, a little sad but most of all, spent. So if your toes like the nose and you shuffle your feet on the waxed dance floor like James Brown, then head to our part of town. Without further ado we give you the third annual “Deus 9ft and single” art, music & log fest. For more in for please email us at 9ftandsingle@id.deuscustoms.com.