April 03 2020 Friday at 11:41 AM

It's coming…9ft & Single Log Fest 2015

To fill in an already full month of happenings around the globe the Deus 9’ & Single Log Fest has hitched itself once again to the last week of May, Get your calendar out now and mark in the dates, from 28 – 31 May.

If you ever needed an excuse to pop in and say hi, then consider this the time when we’re handing it to you on a plate.

This once simple gathering of mates has conspired with word and time to become something more than we envisioned. Though we keep trying to preserve its humble beginnings in one-way, shape or form.

We’re starting out simple with the Bali Fish Fry on Thursday 28th May. A morning filled with all the boards you can think of and hopefully a couple of others you haven’t. The evening continues the theme of the day, with the 4th Annual Temple Shapers Forum where experts fill sofas physically and expound word wise to fill your minds.

Friday 29th morning is The Deus Womp Comp where boardless people propel themselves shoreward. That night we fire up the Deus Gallery with a fresh out of the box of artful offerings.

Then Saturday morning 30th we fire off the first half of a logging salvo that has seen the best whack on a vest and fly across the Perenenan Right.

That night we’re dishing up a debut bombardment of celluloid coups for Bali that have been carefully pared with a host of easily available thirst quenchers.

Sunday morning will seem to come round way too quick, but don’t dawdle as it’s time for the finals of the Log Fest. The creams risen to the top of this lot and they will be there to drop jaws with their drop knees.

On setting sun we head Temple ward. Time to crown the winners and for the rest to partake and become the grinners. Stop when we drop.

It’s a chock-a-block confusion of 4 days set to make off May as absolutely monumental. A cerebral celebration of any excuse to get wet.

This basic overview is only here to wet your whistle. Wanna know the good oil? Surf online to read a blow by blows of exactly what the event really holds in store.