April 03 2020 Friday at 10:03 AM

A Little Something for the Shapers

Nothing stays the same for too long here at the Temple. Whether it’s building a miniramp out the back or hanging fresh artwork up on the walls, we’ve always got something new up our sleeves. Not so long ago we turned our attention the birthplace of some of our finest creations, the shaping and glassing bay. We weren’t thinking about how we could pump out more boards, but about how we could create a workspace worthy enough for the gifted craftsmen that visit us to sculpt their masterpieces. Here’s how it went down…

We all agreed that the glassing bay was a little pokey so we went back to the drawing board on this one, with our guy Dylan measuring up, planning out and redesigning. However much we shuffled everything around there was no denying we needed more space, so got out the sledgehammer and took a wall down. Luckily, the Bengkel boys next door were only too happy to give up some of their floor space for the expansion of our new surfboard workshop. With space for three glassing stands, our resident glasser Victor stepped in to make sure everything was laid out perfectly. Each stand had fixtures added to help keep things tidy while cutting laps and doing patch work, along with spot on lighting above so glassers can see just right while applying those fine details.

As for our shaping bay, well with so many good vibes flowing in there thanks to the talented shapers who’ve passed through over the years, we decided not to change too much. We moved it over a few metres so it fits perfectly next to our new glassing bay and treated it to a fresh coat of paint. Adorning the wall and welcoming in the next generation of shapers is a pretty girl and her surfboard, art work by Tyler Warren.

It was all shaping up nicely, and we had just one finishing touch left to add. We’ve built up quite a collection of portraits of all the shapers that have worked with us at the Temple, and these framed photographs were nailed to the walls. Shaping legends like Rich Pavel and Bob McTavish, contemporary innovators like Ryan Burch and Jeff McCallum, longboard experts like Thomas Bexon and Mason Dyer, and many more. Even with our new surfboard workshop we’re still barely pumping out 5 boards a week, but as the old saying goes, it’s quality, not quantity, that’s important.