April 03 2020 Friday at 08:41 AM

A touch of Blue n' Green

My my my what do we have here? Seems that a few freshly resined up wave riders have just hit the Temple's rainbow of a surfboard rack and are lookin' mighty fine if I do say so myself.Friend and local shaper, Luke Studer, took some blanks, some new ideas and a case of Bintang into his lair of a shaping bay and did what he does best. He emerged a number of days later to hand this new line up to the Smokin' Skull to get messy with. After Good ol' Smokey had his way with them they came out lookin' as good as ever. Ready for a new homes are, an 8 foot displacement hull, a couple of unique 5'10 thrusters and a 5'6 shameful trident. So mosey on down to the Temple and run your hands over what could be your new ride. We are holding our Movie night on Saturday the 23rd, so pile the kids in the car and join us out in the courtyard for popcorn and beers. Things kick off around sunset (5:30-6:00)