April 03 2020 Friday at 09:40 AM

A Write Up on the Wrap Up

There was quite the uproar out in the rice fields of Canggu Sunday night. From early evening through to the wee hours of the morn. Lights blazing bright, bands belting it out and four hundred odd people bouncing about at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm. Under the rather obvious mantle of “All Wrapped Up”, this party was the final puzzle piece in the Deus 9’ & Single Art, Music and Log Fest for 2013.

We’re real sorry we’re a little late in getting this out, Monday was a day that went through to the keeper. We slept late and lazed about nursing hangovers, aching muscles and a whole lot of sleep catch-ups.

Whew it was a big weekend, damn we got through a lot. And come Sunday night there was much tocelebrate, for earlier that day the log contest was held at Rivermouth. Attracting a diverse field of forty, a potpourri of the best loggers in theworld and local Bali family members. Early morning alarms then a flurry of activity for the beach set up and as the sets lined up we got underway. Weather remained open and clear and a couple of hundred spectators we were all fed with, for the most part, clean waste high waves an amazing display of stylish logging. I’d be criminal not to give a nod to some of the standouts that didn’t make it through. Jared Mell and Matt Chojanocki, amazing to have you and get to watch. A couple of young guns need a shout as well, Deni from West Java and Kia Ellis-Flint both of whom are definitely in the up and comings. The entire day the crowd was doused in beautiful sunshine and an appropriate soundtrack punctuated with the MCing from Tyler, Monty and five year old Kelana. The Beach BBQ from the amazing Deus Café team and free Bintang for the competitors. Time slipped along as fluid as the loggers out front so wasn’t long until we all got to sit and stare as the four front-runners tucked, hung, turned and styled their way through the 30 minute final. Results were to remain unknown untillater that night.

Just prior to pulling the fantastic four up on the stage for the results. Our fearless leader Dare Jennings came out and presented the Enthusiast of the Week award. It was something new yet necessary, for it went to Kassia Meador for being the embodiment of everything we hold near and dear. She bought so much stoke, love and positive energy, both in and out of the water, to our event but more importantly, to all our lives. Dhump was next at the mic to thank all and sundry for making this event such a success before the beer soaked throats of T. Mars and Monty summoned the boys up. Ripping open the envelope they revealed in front of this backyard splitting crowd, the winners of the Deus 2013 9’ & Single Log Fest.

Though they announced it in the backward order, the roof was almost ripped off the Temple when it was revealed that first place was taken by Deus family member Harrison Roach. Super styled Josh Constable slid into second position with an amazing display of power and control. Third went to the boy from Malibu, Dane Peterson. Rounding out the field with fourth was Dane Pioli.

As one would imagine it gets kinda foggy at this point. Lotta bands, a lotta dancing. Free pour Jack Daniels and Bintangs galore. Before we forget we have to thank all the companies that came to the aid of the party. Sue at Vision One for washing the backyard in lights. Looked absolutely amazing. Jack Daniels and their special promotion girls for their yummy fare and Bintang beer because you just taste so damn good.

Another set of winners were also to be unveiled on the back porch of Deus between the back to back bands, Saturday’s inaugural Canggu Womp Comp, a truly amazing display of watermen was run in the sun at the Sandbank. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about those larks. For now we’re gonna drink another Berroca and hope it blows some more of these damn cobwebs out.