April 03 2020 Friday at 07:21 AM

An Evening, One Tequila Shot At A Time

More of that night…Slidetober. By the time the throng had thickened, the beers had begun to take effect. Monty & Tyler punctuated the absolutely stellar line-up of local and international acts with their homespun, pickled verbal jousting which grew maundering as the night progressed, issuing reviews of the weekend and highlighting things yet to come.

Once we could wrestle them off the microphones our resident Jakartan renegade, Reno pulled out his acoustic guitar, paired up with a fiddler friend from Russia by the name of German, and proceeded to set mouths agape with a set so different than anything he’s ever done for us at the Temple before. This first of four acts came straight out and set the bar pretty damn high for those to follow. The violin is a wonderful and mesmerizing instrument. Wrapped around Reno’s strummings the sound being born from their union was incredibly in sync and simpatico. God damn it just blew everyone away.

The men manned the mics and there was some awards palaver that we covered in yesterday's post. They left the stage to the sound of the music revving up to dance speed. Local fusion band ‘Papaya Fill’ began belting some out. Their audio offering, pure gold. The singers beautiful vocals went out across the audience and lubricated ears before going on to bewitch people. Entranced punters made their way out onto the mat in front of the stage, quickly filling the area with writhing bodies.

Next up was a special set by Surahn Sidhu, here’s this guy whose perhaps better known as a guitarist and backing vocalist in the award winning band Empire of the Sun, Sid, as he has become known to us, also has a slew of things on the side, one being a solo career with an EP just about to launch on 4th November. But we’ll get to that in the coming days. He played a sparse paired back version of what you’ll get on the forthcoming recording. Tonight's version though was something unique. Peeling away the outside. Shedding instruments and layers of sound to expose the lyrics. The story within. Haunting, ethnic and eccentric. Mind blowing

All the while more people arrived and more Coronas were drunk. A main stay of all our events is the Photo Booth. A solid feature, capturing people as they chart their course through the night. Photographer James Heal had set up shop in our photo studio for the night with a couple of studio lights and a big black Tyvek backdrop. A procession of people traipsed in and out through out.

The crowd must have maxed out around the four hundred mark, more than we would call comfortable so maneuvering through the crowd wasn’t much fun and most opted to stay rooted to one spot carving out their own private dance floors. Amidst this standing room only courtyard our last musical offering of the night, Last Dinosaurs, took to the stage.

Arriving in Bali after playing only one night of their sold-out Australian tour, the four lads from Brissie, took us up on our offer of hitting it on the back veranda, and hit it they did. UnEarthed by Aussie iconic radio station Triple J over 5 years ago. They’ve already become seasoned music veterans and that’s all before any of them have turned that ripe old age of 21. People bounced about to the bands easily accessible indie pop tunes that throw caution to the wind and make people wild with abandon. Not to put too fine a point on it. Bloody special it was.

In the photo booth, early in the night people had appeared slick, straight and upstanding. Clothes still with that just pressed edge. But that was before everyone got bashed up against the hard rocks and sharp reef the evening threw in their way. These obstacles appeared as bottled beer and shots of tequila consumed, as they plotted safe passage through the evening. Like a fly on the wall we lock away individual moments of the evenings adventure. Talk about watching the bottom fall out of it.

For people that were there, we give you some thing to look back on. For people that weren’t we’ve got something to chuckle to.

It was another of those epic nights that will only ever be half remembered. A wry smile will accompany it on most peoples recounts. A massive amount of fun was had with a great gaggle of people. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make it huge. See you at Slidetober next year…