April 03 2020 Friday at 08:41 AM

Another day at the beach

Boards have come and gone from the red brick rank on our West wall. Some leave our little slice of paradise headed for the frigid waves of Europe's coast, while a few enjoy Rio as their new stomping ground. There are however some that have remained local, riding waves up and down this little emerald isle.For instance we have well known Balinese Pro surfer, Wayan 'Betet' Merta, and his 5'2 Shameful Trident. We crafted this miniature rocket-ship especially for him and he happily took delivery of it early this morning. After a quick studio shoot I swapped my 50mm lens to the 600mm and we headed to the beach. Although the line up was littered with students of various surf school's, Betet, as usual, managed to clinch every wave he went for. Good thing as well as he was ripping. With a couple of big air's and some full rail cutbacks under his belt we called it a morning and slowly sipped coffees until we felt it time to leave.