April 03 2020 Friday at 09:20 AM

Apre A Milano Deus Ex Machina

Deus’ next big milestone – Italy. With the official launch of Milan looming around the corner, the boys over in Italy couldn’t help them selves, last week on the 15th they decided to open their door and invite a select few to take in the new flagship which will act as a hub and service the rest of Europe. The soft launch provided onlookers with a night of deus knowledge, Dare Jennings flew over from Australia to take centre stage with Federico and Antonio Colombo from Cinelli giving plenty of insight into Deus Italy. With so many incredible bikes, fixtures and art in the showroom. The guests were as eager as kids in a candy store, moving from one attraction to another. Fuelling their energy, on behalf of the Deus Cafe were Santiago and Giulio, the bearers of white hats and cocktail shakers. Serving up amazing cocktails and aperitifs long into the night. With nothing more than a little tease, we are all hanging onto the edge of our seats until the champaign bottle is cracked and the ribbon is cut. The best is yet to come from our Milano counterparts.