April 03 2020 Friday at 07:02 AM

Art 'n' Music

The 'UrgntSnds/UrgntSlnc' art Exhibition on Thursday the 24th is fast approaching, and as usual the temple is abuzz with the pre show arrangements. As well as providing an exhibition worth of new works, Farid will also be preforming an acoustic set with his band "Jenny" on the night of the exhibition...and then a no holds barred show during the Sunday sunset session...for those who couldn't get enough.
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"Jenny" is a street born cluster of creative minds forged into a rootsy raw garage rock band. Their gigs bring the crowds out, and usually go until the law intervenes or the musicians fingers start to bleed...whichever comes first.
Farid also just finished up some of the pieces going into the exhibit, and they are lookin' mighty fine! Scroll down to check em out!