April 03 2020 Friday at 08:20 AM

Bandung Boy's and The Weekend Roadrunner

After our shenanigans and good times in Jogjakarta, it was a little sad that we had to leave so soon, however we jumped on the ol' flying aluminum tube and headed to our next destination. We touched down in Bandung after a rather turbulent flight and were met by a couple of the local riders who had braved the nefarious traffic to welcome us...They also brought a Minivan to accommodate our excess cycling baggage, which made things a lot easier!
After a quick trip to the hotel (which is meant to be haunted by the way) we ventured down to the local cafe to fill out event paperwork and meet the kids from all over Indonesia...Jogja, Jakarta, Surabaya you name the city and they were there. The Weekend Roadrunner is an event organized and run by a combination of the fixed gear crews in Bandung...and organized and run very well may I add.
The next day Theo and I, along with over 150 other participants, took part in a leg aching array of fixed proportions. The Ally Cat race showed me that Bandung is quite a bit more hilly than Bali, which lead to me throwing in the towel after I got well and truly lost. Track stand and trick contests played out the rest of the day, with the DJ spinning vinyl through out.
All in all, it was a fantastic time, i got to see a bit more of Indonesia and met a ton of cool cats along the way. Now back to Bali to rest my weary legs in angst for the Paths of Pain to Jewels of Glory event next week!...I'm off to find the nearest place to get a massage...Yeww!
(photo heavy post for a photo heavy weekend)