April 03 2020 Friday at 09:02 AM

Bat tails, glassed in twinnies and a 10 foot nose rider

Smokin' Skull rocked up this morning with the latest batch of Deus Customs straight from polish.
Bat tails, glassed in twinnies, rocket fishies and even a 10 foot noserider. A true cross section of styles and shapes arrived on our doorsteps and it would be a crime not to show you guys what we now house under our roof. So straight to the studio they went, the 10 footer needed some man handling but we got it in eventually.
These gems now reside in our surf rack, so if you wish to gaze upon their smooth lines, come pay us a visit, who knows you might walk out of here with a new ride for the mornin' session
(P.S. our first sunset jam session take place tonight Friday October 1st at around 5:30...good music, good food and good times are to be had)