April 03 2020 Friday at 02:41 PM


Diversity, now that is the take away from last Saturday's Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off. All shapes and sizes fitting a vast array of designs and desires. Doing the most with the least, is the mantra with which we judge the curious craft that rolled into the yard. People build the bike they want and we all want different stuff. So it was no surprise that there was a pink one and some blue ones. Black and white, yep. Yellow seemed a sympathetic colour with two very different yet exciting bikes sporting different shades. We had a heap of single cylinders and those with more. There was big CC and a lot of small. We even had one bike with a real monkey’s skull and a spider crawling out of its eye set in resin and the whole thing set into the top of a little peanut tank nestled on a miniature chopper built from a Honda Grande Scooter… Of course, that was the bike that won our event. None needed a judge to tell them that! In fact, all three places were obvious to any and all who came, it was just the order that different people had them down as. A rad Bosokuzu Style with Balinese inspired paintwork took out the number two. Third was a little piece of two stroke goodness, a Suzuki A 100 modified into a racer that the owner, a tall thin gentleman called Christian who wore a dark motorcycle jumpsuit with 'Life begins at 40' emblazoned on the back, had obviously taken impeccable care of restoring and so it seems, also using. Just after one the formalities got underway, each builder had the chance to walk the judges through the what, why and how they did what they did. In a few cases, the 'where' was pretty interesting as well. One bike had been built in a chaps loungeroom while another was sprayed in the bloke's toilet using the seat as a frame stand. Massive 'Terima Kasih' goes out to our four judges. We had our head honcho, Pak Arthur on clipboard duty as well as the head of the Deus Bengkel, Arwin. Nicko, el supremo from Smoked Garage leant us his expertise, asking all the big questions and rounding up this brains trust was Sinyo from Triumph Bali. To make sure they rolled under their own power, another one of the BBO's few rules, we got them all to whip out the front and down the road and back again. Playing havoc with the local traffic, something we like and are prone to do. A contest can't be without prizes and they consisted of Teak timber trophy and a big cheque that they could cash in at our retail. We had certificates of appreciation, BBO tees, drinks, and food for all who took the time out of their busy schedules to come and show us their passion projects. To everyone that did, we want to say you are all winners. This year, for the first time, the Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off has also gone digital. People can upload their bike builds from anywhere in the world over at bikebuildoff.com The online competition is in its final weeks so don't delay, get over there and get your build in, however Deus are still hosting physical events across the globe because we realise its hard to get the real feel from a digital event. Everyone loves a spot of tire kicking, plenty of ogling, laughing, eating and of course, a spot of drinking not to mention, soak up the ambiance you of a yard full of bikes. A massive thanks to all and sundry who came down to the Deus Temple, and please remember to submit your builds online at bikebuildoff.com, entries close July 31st.