April 03 2020 Friday at 08:03 AM

Bengkel goings on

It has been a while since I poked my head into the busy bengkel out back. So after my morning coffee I meandered on over there and had a little look see at the goings on and grabbed the head of the workshop Mustang for a little chat over cigarette. Here is what he had to say...
Mustang whats been going on in the work shop the past few weeks?
The past few weeks has been business as usual, you know…grinding…welding…drinking… except we have also been working a lot after hours on the BioReef project, which we finished off just a few days ago.
I see there are a couple of bigger bikes on the stands, whats the story with them? "Yeah we are about half way done on two larger bikes. One is a Honda Dominator 650 and the other is a Suzuki DR650. The Suzuki is destined to be a street tracker and the Dominator is gonna be an all out hill climber. The DR is sort of a research subject for some custom parts that we will be producing in collaboration with our brothers in Australia and America. Once finished they should be able to outfit DR's with custom seat's, fenders, battery box and all the necessary brackets to put everything on. We had a bit of trouble when it came to designing the pair of bikes because the fact is that there is not many DR's or Dominators that have been customized, or none that we could find on the internet anyway… So every piece we have had to design from scratch and with out a visual guideline." Whats it like working on bikes that are a different frame and engine setup to the Scorpio and Tigers? "Its challenging because the frame chop and modification are a lot different to we are used to here in Indonesia. But we are getting more and more custom orders from people who have paid the big bucks to bring their big bikes to Indonesia. Customizing both necks on the front to accommodate the beefier suspension upgrades was quite a task. This is our first time working on both bikes, so we are taking things a little slower, especially on the dominator, because the frame itself houses the oil reserve and we don't want to mess with that in our chopping and welding." I see a few new faces around, who are these guys? "Well, we have been growing fast. We get a few custom orders a week. So to help deal with that growth we have been adding more people to the benkel's workforce to help out especially in terms of build times and all around efficiency. Aslo we a couple of new fabricators, another guy dedicated to servicing the bikes. We are also starting to produce our own custom Deus embossed fiberglass seat pans with an injected foam cushion…. This will be overseen by a Japanese fellow named Takeya who migrated here to Indonesia. He has quite a few years experience making really cool customs seats for export to Japan..."
So there you have it, right from the horses mouth. If your around the Temple, swing by the back and check out these guys in action…its definitely worth a walk around!