April 03 2020 Friday at 08:02 AM

Bengkels Latest Offering

The rainy season is well and truly upon us here on the islands of the Gods…but all that really means is the garden is getting greener and we spending more time indoors working on stuff, like this beauty. As the clouds unleashed their contents over shorelines and paddy-fields, the boys have been tucked away inside the bengkel, twisting wrenches and putting the finishing touches on this the latest iron ride to roll out of their carved wood doors. This bike was a custom build for a friend who resides in the capital city of Indonesia…and soon the bike will be making the 1200km trip over-land across Java to greet him. The Scorpio of which this bike started was stripped down to just the engine and frame, and from there Mustang and his trusty crew then added and fabricated their way to the showroom floor. Which is where she now sits, patiently waiting to get packed up and shipped off. Around the SX225 engine and frame sits a flurry of custom parts and imported motorcycle components. A set of Ventura street tracker handlebars steer this steed, while a set of Avon tires keep it rolling…19" on the front and 18" in the rear. Both the tank and the exhaust are custom made with alloy trims…a tip for the pipe and a cap for the fuel cell. A GSX250 swing arm holds the back end together, soaking up the bumps with a set of 36cm IKON rear shocks. The hand-made and wrapped leather seat keeps the rider comfortable while a Harley Davidson headlight illuminates their path. The list goes on and on, but you get the point and general overview by now. If you happen to live in Jakarta, watch out for this ride navigating the rush hour traffic!