April 03 2020 Friday at 02:41 PM


Summer is most definitely here in Biarritz, and what better way to start the Summer than with the first ever French version of the Deus Bike Build Off. On Saturday, we had an enthusiastic crowd come to the Deus Tenement of Tenacity in Biarritz to submit their crazy builds into the global online competition. (You can still register at www.bikebuildoff.com - entries close on the 31st July) Participants and spectators rolled in between 11.am and 5.pm. It was warm, and their was a buzz in the air. Everyone exchanged build stories around an @allpressexpresso coffee and looked over an array of bikes as well as the new Citroen DS, offered up by group Dallard (@groupedallard) The event brought a lovely bunch of people together, who all shared the same spirit and enthusiasm for working in a garage and getting your hands dirty. Phil arrived with his van and Montesa loaded on the back, straight from Normandy - a cool 9h drive to come and enjoy this event on a global scale. Then it's Sébastien's turn, proudly showing off his Suzuki GS 850 1981. (Moreover, Phil and Sebastian have now become friends, and plan a few projects together since their meeting at the BBO) A Harley with a surf rack? Of course. The team at Dust Garage, a local Biarritz bike workshop arrive in force with 3 bikes. Fabrice, Raph and Fred talk about their bikes and the recent fire that swept through their building, leaving them with nothing - to help, please visit: https://www.leetchi.com/c/sauver-dust-garage And Fabrice (another one), with his handmade "Rocket" Bultaco, thanks for visiting us with this incredible bike, we hope to see you soon for another project. Caro, our friend from Eudoxie, came with the famous Gaby motorbike. Hey hey, hello dear lady. It was a beautiful event, in joy and good spirit, that brought us all together. For that we thank you warmly, now it's time to go to surfing. Deus France.