April 03 2020 Friday at 08:03 AM

Bio Reef

If you have visited the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in the past couple of weeks you might have seen a big pile of metal in the back yard and an Indonesian bloke welding it all together. It's been mistaken for a sculpture, new shop fittings and even a pile of rubbish. But in fact this metal monster is Deus' first five fathom foray into building an artificial reef. A Bio-rock® To put it in very lay terms…you take 1 ton of raw steel. Drop it on the floor of the ocean and run a very small electrical current through it which is neither harmful to man nor fish and wallah, before you know it calcium carbonate forms on the metal and coral follows very quickly after. Though we do transplant a whole lot to kick start the process. Replacing lost or damaged reefs isn't just a source of fun for the bengkel crew it provides new habitats for fish and other sea life as well as stabilizing the sea bed and thereby reducing beach erosion. The added bonus is they provide some pretty trick scuba and snorkeling destinations. There's a few divers amongst the Deus family who upon hearing about the idea, grabbed the ball and ran with it. Along the way imparting our own particular twist on it. Three waves of metal roads littered with bike and motorbike parts. The center piece, crowning glory if you will, the shell of an old Honda CB100 rebuilt cafe racer style for divers to plunge down to slide astride a Ironwood seat donated by our friends over at Journey. This whole endeavour found life in a chance meeting with all started when Celia Gregory, from The Marine Foundation when she came to the Temple last June. Took a couple of months to gain traction but when it did we were swamped with welding and cutting and looking for space parts to literally pave the way. While physically it's all there, there is still much to do before before it takes it's place in 5 metres of water off the main beach of Gili Trawangan. Gili Eco Trust are the driving force for and this wouldn't happen without their effort, personal thanks go to Delphine Robbe. Now it's your turn to help, jot it down in your diary, we have a fundraiser at Deus Temple of Enthusiasm Sunday Night the 27th November to help pay for the expensive bits; trucks, boats, scuba divers, solar panels and other paraphernalia that are needed before we can call it done. If you can't make it down to the Temple on the night feel free to donate a couple of bucks online at The Marine Foundation's paypal. We are looking at dropping the frame in the ocean at Gilli Trawangan around 6-9thDec. If your around the Gili's we would love to see you