April 03 2020 Friday at 11:20 AM

Black Sand Dunes

The new bikes were finished only hours after the finals presentation of the 9 foot and single event at the temple and as the DJ finished off the night with everyone dancing there was that distinct sound of a 2stroke being kicked over and I knew it wasn’t just some scooter in the parking lot it was the sound of a Yamaha DT. As the white smoke filled the workshop and poured out in the courtyard I knew the bengkel boys had finished all 3 bikes in record time.

The following morning we packed the cars and truck with our new toys and headed inland away from the beach and up into the mountains to one of Indonesia’s many active volcanoes. As the mountain smoked above us we played with our new rides on the lava fields below trying to climb as high as possible up the endless black sand dunes.

Everyone got stuck and fell off at least a few times only to jump back up with a smile and keep riding. After 2 days of riding and getting sand in just about every place on our saw beaten body’s we rushed back to drop film off at the lab and to surf the start of a new swell.

A special thanks to all the Deus bengkel boys who worked day and knight to finish these amazing bikes.

Text and Photography by Matt Cuddihy