April 03 2020 Friday at 06:40 AM

Board taggin' with Ozzie Wright and The Smokin' Skull

Just over a week ago, as another day come to an end, the rear of the Temple saw some afternoon creativity in the form of some good old tagging.
With Bintangs in hand and the sun setting, the "Smokin' Skull" along with Ozzie Wright proceeded to pop the caps off a fresh set of paint pens. They each took turns laying down visual mind scribbles until the sun dropped below its distant belt. This is one of a few boards that emerged from that late in the day pow wow. Shaped by Chris Garrett, this 6'3 Evil Twin definitely has a unique twist upon its surface. This tagged up piece of functional art now resides in the showroom's board rack. If your looking for a new ride, or something unique to hang on the wall, you can safely say that this is a contender. Come by and check it out!