April 03 2020 Friday at 09:20 AM

Byron Bonanza

The Van was loaded with all sorts of wave riding equipment and after a pit stop at the Bean Drop we were jacked up on coffee .I drove my van and harry rode the DR650 we were ready to make the four hour drive south to Byron Bay for the opening of the latest Deus store. It was also a great reason to get the Deus Family together for some fun at Australia’s most easterly point. We rented an apartment in town that was right on the beach at Clarks. We had some fun waves for the first few days of the trip right out the front of the unit but that changed with onshore winds and a drop in swell so we jump in the cars and headed inland for a hiking adventure around the back of Mullumbimby. After a week of fun and games it was time to head back to Noosa to get this roll of film developed . Matt Cuddihy