April 03 2020 Friday at 11:03 AM

Café CB 200

Customers love ordering café Racers and we love building them... The style is timeless... When it comes to a cafe racer conversion this 76’ Honda CB200 fits like a glove. In 1976 this bike was renowned in Indonesia as the cadillac of motorcycles. So with a custom order in hand, the Bengkel was bustling and the transformation began.

First we stripped the Honda back to its bones, a blank canvas for the Bengkel boys to create their work of art on. The first stroke of the brush was the original 200cc engine being meticulously dissembled and restored. With the help of some bigger pistons, new crank shaft, carburettor, and cdi system, the rebuild boosted it to 300cc. We managed to get our hands on a Honda Dream 350 hub for the rear wheel, very hard to find, and we went for a dual disc Suzuki GSX 250 for the front, both combined with new TK Japan silver rims and Avon 400-18 tyres. With Ikon 36” shocks at the back and Suzuki GSX 750 shocks up front, the outline was set and it was time for the all-important fine details. Once you’re sat on the bike you’ll see the aluminium alloy custom tank beneath you, the Posh Japan white face tachometer sitting snuggly in the antique British head lamp, and the black Hurricane handgrips. But before that the jet black and wasp yellow paint job tells you this bike is going to have a sting in it’s tail. Our CB Cafe Racer was a pleasure to build, and now it’s finished even more of a pleasure to look at, but most of all it’s a joy to ride. Just a shame this one won’t be hanging around the Temple for long.