April 03 2020 Friday at 08:40 AM

Christmas Collaboration Art Show

The season to be jolly is upon up people. Being all southern hemisphere and what-not, Christmas is in the hottest part of the year, which may sound like a weird concept, but it has its benefits…surfing in a santa hat for example. Now to celebrate the Yule time Deus style we are holding a Chrismas collaboration art show, starting December 16th. A lot of artists are pitching in, such as...Andrew Wellman, Justine Missin, Julian Zielonka, Dustin Humphrey, Fraser Anderson, Jim Mitchell, Antonio Muñoz, Bob Moore along with many more. Numerous pieces shall come together which should boil down to alot of fun. Wether it be photographic, screen printed or sculptured, it will all be in The Deus Gallery come the 16th.Come join us for an opening night of eggnog and festive funtimes! (P.S dont forget about Made J strummin' his steel guitar this Sunday...starts around sunset)