April 03 2020 Friday at 10:02 AM

DBBO 13 - The Panel

The Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off, Venice edition, featured a stellar line up of adjudicators. On hand was Yoshi Kosaka of Garage Company fame, Shinya Kimura of Shinya Kimura fame, author and bike enthusiast, Lori Bentley Law, and our very own US Director of Motorcycle Design, Michael Woolaway. Our fifth judge, Roland Sands, ended up having a family commitment on the day of the contest and wasn’t able to join us. We applaud Roland for having his priorities in the right place and doing the right thing. In need of a fifth judge, Michael Larkin, Motorcycle Division Manager at Akrapovic was gracious enough to say yes to a last minute invitation and joined the judging panel. We figured it made sense to ask the author/judge to describe the day so we asked Lori to file a report about her experience. "Me? A bike-build-off judge? Come on! I’m not a motorcycle builder; I just like riding them! But judging a contest based on Boundless Enthusiasm? That, I could do. This wasn’t just another who-could-build-the-most-extreme-motorcycle event, but rather one focused on personality. Zeal. Creativity. The true spirit of motorcycling, or at least what it should be. This was about FUN. And fun it was. The winners impressed us with their originality, ingenuity, and yes, their boundless enthusiasm—from the engineering teacher with the chalk-drawn tank, to the Denver guy who pinstriped his bike in the parking lot, to the Van Halen inspired Yamaha, complete with Eddie-patterned fender—and of course the crazy, wild, actually ride-able mini-bike/scooter/sidecar builders who described their creation with an infectious fervor that couldn’t be ignored. When their entry came up in the judging room, every one of us smiled. That says something right there. Surprisingly, we all quickly agreed on the winners during our deliberations, even if we didn’t have them in the same order. Out of the nearly fifty bikes, we narrowed it down to five who we felt best exuded what Deus was looking for, an abundance of boundless enthusiasm. Until next year… Later gators!"