April 03 2020 Friday at 11:41 AM

The Del Mar Contingent

The thrill of racing is alive and well in Southern California! From pull-start minis to not-so-mini streetable Harleys, there was a slice of fun for all at Del Mar Arena as The IV League Flat Track wrapped up its latest series with a grand finale double header on March 7th and 8th. We brought a few bikes down from Venice ourselves and and got stuck in the mix. Any excuse to toss a leg over a motorcycle and ride is good enough reason for us, and better yet if we get to hang out with friends and make some new ones! United Kingdom DTRA regulars Geoff Cain and Dimitri Coste were in town for the races, as well as Travis, Phil, and Mike from Newbolds Bike Shop who drove an old van 1000 miles to Del Mar from Denver Colorado. Cristian ran his Honda 450 with the experts while Tara wasn’t afraid to take her Harley out on the dirt in the Hooligan class, and Liana took the win in the mini class on her CRF. A few of us went elbow to elbow in the vintage twins class. Scott Toepfer, Geoff, Julian and Nevin were on their Triumphs and Travis Newbold on his Yamaha XS650. Dimitri was getting newly acquainted with his 750 Trackmaster Triumph and seemed to get along with it just fine, winning and being awesome. The <400cc vintage class turned into a 2-stroke smoke out with Mike from Colorado ripping on a Kawasaki-green KX400, Nevin on a Yamaha RT1, and Matthew Welsh on his Suzuki ts185. Big thanks to the IV League Flat Track for putting on the the series at Del Mar! Color photos by Scott G Toepfer Polaroids by Ben Grillo B&Ws by Jonayd Cherifi