April 03 2020 Friday at 12:02 PM

Deus Bike Build Off - Bali Winners

Congratulations and well done to all the winners of the Indonesian leg of the Deus Bike Build Off. Here is a chance for us to introduce them to you with a few words and a host of pictures...

1st place: Every fan of custom bikes in Bali knows Kedux. Many of his bike builds take on a life after leaving his garage. Becoming champions at various regional custom fests across Indonesia. Kedux started his carrier as a builder in the Harley workshop, it was there that he learnt to wrench but it was also there that he honed his mad skills at pin striping using brushes that he hand makes. His magnificent 1980 Kawasaki Binter Mercy took out 1st place as it exemplified the main criteria, building the most with the least

2nd place: Candra Wirawan built his awesome little CB 100 up at his home in Ubud. We knew that it drove, one of the criteria of the competition, as he rode it all the way down here to the Temple in Canggu for the event. You could tell that his daily ride was a labour of love. He did everything himself. From the customized frame through to the handmade tank. A lack of funds gave birth to creative inclusions like the use of a front brake from a Triumph and rear brake from a Fuch. The results are so simple and apparently a joy to ride.

3rd place: Made Zui opened his workshop in Denpasar back in 2008 so it’s no fluke that his is one of most popular and respected custom garages in Bali. His sales line is that he will put your imagination into reality, and you can tell there is truth here if you ever go to his shop. A trip there is brilliant, the place is a souped-up playground for bike enthusiasts. Simple, is the one word that describes the job he preformed on this 2009 Yamaha Scorpio taking it from blah to wow in a breathtaking Scrambler style. There wasn’t a part he hadn’t customized; the tank, exhaust, frame, rear arm. Top to bottom. The Lot!

In Bali we replaced the People’s Choice Award with the ‘Free For All’ class. An award to cover builds of bikes bigger than the 250cc. We needn’t have worried as the head turning classic 1950 650 cc Triumph 6T would have taken out either. The owner of the bike is Tommy Sunu from Jakarta he’s called this miracle on two wheels the "Flying Don Juan". The build was carried out by Jusuf Syam from Lowo Abang Art Cycle - Sawah Garage, Denpasar Bali. Tommy asked his great mate from Bandung, Fahmi Freeflow, to do the astounding paint job for this bike.

In our eyes, everyone who participated, was a winner, this is just the cream of what was, on the day, an amazing crop. Big thanks to everyone for coming out to the Temple and making an mind-blowing day. Don't forget to vote on the international choice award later, we’ll hit you up when it goes live.