April 03 2020 Friday at 12:02 PM


The machines that entered the LA chapter of the global Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off were the result of a compelling mixture of ingenuity, absurdity, engineering, craftsmanship, and the love of riding motorcycles. And what a wide and varying result it was! Thirty builders with their wild and wonderful motorcycles arrived to the Emporium Of Postmodern Activities bright and early Sunday morning to share their creations and tell great tales of the process. As different as the bikes and builders were, the commonality of having an idea and the gumption to do it was a class all of its own. What started as a quiet morning of shop-talk gained momentum as the crowds rolled in and the MR Snakes began performing really good rock and roll music and before we knew it, it was an energetic jamboree with cold beer flowing and brats and pork cutlets on the grill. At one point, all the engines were fired up in unison and the straight-pipe assault about blew the top off the Venice Beach Town Hall as eardrums within a half-mile radius took a rather harsh beating! The characters on the judging panel were a well-rounded bunch indeed! Along with Woolie, the Motorcycle Design Director here at the Emporium, it was an honor to have legendary filmmaker Dana Brown, who’s most recent film On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter explores the many facets motorcycling today. Artist Brian Bent, who applies the 'Most With The Least' approach to hot-rod building, drove his old Studebaker truck up from San Clemente and the “Fun Time Only” Bixby boys Drew and Brody, winners of our last Bike Build Off, came out in their cowboy hats and dapper car-salesman suits. Of course, they all took the task at hand seriously and put much thought into the evaluation of ‘Boundless Enthusiasm’ and who had made the most with the least. View all Venice bikes and builders here A big Thanks to everyone who came out to Venice and helped make it a good time!