April 03 2020 Friday at 07:02 AM

Deus Cinema Saturdays kicks of with 'Idiosyncrasies'

Movies nights are back on at the Temple of Enthusiasm! we are going to be kicking off a ritualistic Saturday screening with the latest film from Patrick Trefz, "Idiosyncrasies." I haven't seen the film as of yet, but from doing a little research around the interwebs it looks like its gonna be a good'un.
To accompany the evenings entertainment, a set menu will be on offer to those who want, as well as our full menu.
Here's a little breakdown of the film, along with the trailer to give you a snippet to think about...
'Idiosyncrasies' presents an exploration of some truly unique minds, revealing what's behind the impact of some of surfing's most influential underground individuals. Through their art and music, surf craft and lifestyle choices, Patrick Trefz offers an intimate look into the vital and intriguing lives of these iconoclasts - ranging from twenty-year old Leann Curren to sixty-one year old Harbor Bill Mulcoy.
So come and join us on Saturday the 26th for a good ol' fashioned projector screenin'...bring the kids!