April 03 2020 Friday at 09:03 AM

Deus CSC Surf Tourney 2012

Alas, it seems we are coming to the end of 2012 and in a couple days we will be ushering in 2013…but what better way is there to see out the year than having the whole neighbourhood gather on the beach for a grom populated surf comp?

The Canggu Surf Community, or as they are better known, The CSC, is a a 52 member strong surf club hailing from right here on our doorstep. As well as shredding out in the lineup, the group is also responsible for beach clean ups, charity events and just an overall care for their local community. Yesterday on Saturday the 29th of December, Deus Ex Machina along with the CSC held the last contest of the year…The Surf Tourney 2012. Although the waves were extremely small, all the groms, who call Canggu their local break, were eager to get wet and show off their skills at the small wedges coming off the sandbar. As the day drew on we managed to have a variety of seasons down on the sand…from On shore to Off shore, Raining to blistering sunshine, we had mixtures of em' all. With the grand prize being a hand shaped Chris Garret Surfboard, everybody was hustling to make their heats. For people in the know, the most talked about match up was that of stand out surfers, 20 year old Sodok and Deus' own 15 year old Riman. These guys have been lighting it up all year, both on their rails and in the air. Fate would have it that they saw each other in the final, along with Moil and Jun. It was a close call and all the surfers were ripping, but in the end there could only be one winner and Riman walked away victorious. Before the final ceremony, everybody put down their boards and hit the beach picking up rubbish…We had to leave the beach looking better than we found it. With all that has happened in 2012, this day will be one of the most memorable…we are truly blessed to have such a great group of guys as our locals, couldn't ask for more…Good job CSC, see you in the new year…Yewww!