April 03 2020 Friday at 02:00 PM

Deus Ex Machina X Malaria House Launch

Tuesday nights at the Deus Temple are synonymous with people coming in for some Mexican fare and a free chat tat. This week things went well and truly sideways with a multi-tiered event for the launch of MalariaHouse.com. It’s a new Indonesian online portal for Art, Music, Surfing, Skating and Culture. The site is the brain child of Rizal Tanjung, arguably the most renown Indonesian surfer out there, the guy elegantly took the public eye in 1995 by slotting himself deep inside an enormous barrel at Pipeline. The result landed him on the cover of Surfing magazine and cemented his position as the Balinese surfer. To showcase the Malaria House all encompassing agenda, the Deus Temple had things happening everywhere. Music, Art, Photos, Films as well as a bit of a skate jam happening out on our mini half pipe. Music is always at the forefront of a Deus Temple night and the performance was Mike D, former Beastie Boy and now solo artist was nothing short of mind-blowing. He laid down tracks for the first half, of his one & a half hour set, before picking up the mike. The crowd was blown away. Mike D was definitely the icing, but the cake was amazing, for go to whoa! A glamorous troupe of performers, including MC GoFar, DJ Metzdub & Dully starting things chugging along before Iwanouz came and pounded his keyboards, dropping jaws with the incredible sound one guy can pump out. Heruwa, musician extraordinaire and Jerinx, the drummer from Superman Is Dead, did an amazing duo that our ears are only now just getting over and after Mike D’s set, DJ Dubyouth took us home. Most of the other performers joined him freestyling on stage, so it was definitely standing room only up there before we had to turn out the lights. Earlier in the evening the Deus gallery was given over for a group show by Bali & Jogjakarta based artists; Angki Purbandono, Agan Harahap, Galuh Anindita Wardana, I Made Aswino Aji, Kemal Ezedine, Slinat, Naomi Samara & some beautiful photos by Jason Childs. The space was also used for a performance by Ican Hareem & DJ Kas. Ican was taped to the end wall of the gallery in a crucifix pose by the crowd as they gyrated to the deep sounds Kas was injecting into them. Their show climaxed as Ican dragged himself free of the gaffer tape shackles. We had two film premiers that night. Deus Ex Machina premiered, Dustin Humphrey directed, PAINTED IN DUST. A sight into the life of Forrest Minchinton, a kid who may have grown up in Huntington Beach, but was actually raised in the desert. Forrest and his surfboard shaper dad - Mike - took every chance they got to head out to the Mojave Desert. There, on a remote compound constructed from objects lost and found, Forrest learned to ride motorcycles, shape surfboards, and see the world through a different lens. The second celluloid offering was TOGURUGA, Mosquito House’s insightful & beautiful documentary of a group of kids living in a remote corner of Indonesia who happened upon surfing all by themselves. In true Polynesian style, they salvage planks of wood from ships wrecked along their coast, they shape them using primitive tools and ride them in the small waves splashing against the shore in the afternoons. They do this until they become of age and must then go out to work, thus leaving the surfing to the kids, who like them before are, coming through. We could waffle on and on about the good time and good vibes we had all night long and if that’s the barometer we’re measuring things by then the launch of Malaria House, was an unquestionable success.