April 03 2020 Friday at 08:20 AM

Deus Galley presents 'Catalyst' by Mike Losness

Professional surfer, Mike Losness from San Clemente has taken his skills from his board to his paintbrush. Ive been told that when he's got some down time from traveling and competing, you will usually find him tucked away in the art studio. Taking inspirations from the ocean and his travels, he has created a mixed medium of painting work, with Most of his work is done with acrylic, fiberglass cloth and resin. Mike says... "My art is like surfboard ding repair with color. Everything I've learned about fiberglass and resin to fix dings in boards, I have applied to my art." Starting on February 3rd, his collection entitiled "Catalyst" will adorn the Deus Gallery walls, bringing with it some color to the white. Yesterday he was out back in the "Smokin' Skull's" resin bay finishing off a piece...and I gotta say his stuff intricte, interesting and surely not to be missed. So slide on down to the Temple on Thursday the 3rd of Feb ...Converse, drink and check out the works up close! (more stuff after the jump)