April 03 2020 Friday at 12:41 PM

Deus Nine Foot and Single 2016 – Wrap Up Party

What goes up must come down, but the Deus Nine Foot & Single wasn’t going to fade away - it was heading down in a blaze of glory. The Nine Foot Wrap Up Party is the big send-off, the fond farewell to the week that was. With awards presentations, live music, friends, Harry Holiday’s art exhibition ‘Pulp Friction’, and much more, it was far more than just a bunch of mates and a few beers. The presentations were kept short and sweet, not in disrespect to the outstanding surfers who have kept spectators, jaws dropped, transfixed on the ocean for the last four days, but because all were there to celebrate and party. Phil Jarratt, a permanent and valuable fixture in the judging tower all week, took the mic and stage to thank the ranks of staff – from Dustin Humphrey and Deus co-founder Dare Jennings to the handimen who physically put the show together – and invited Dustin to the stage to say a few words. He’s not a fan of the limelight and his speech was short, but he made it count: “I moved to Bali 19 years ago,” he began, “and over that time I have seen a lot of change, good and bad. Canggu has grown and it definitely isn’t what it used to be, but seeing you all here, seeing the stoke out in the water and on the beach, it reminds me why I came here and what makes this place so special.” The finalists took to the stage to collect their awards, nods of thanks their humble speeches, and with that, the party began. Lewie Dunn, a standout competitor and entertaining MC all week, got things rolling with a collection of mellow acoustic tunes. Definitely making a name for himself in the water, he’s also a talented musician, and his solo performance eased things off to a smooth start. The Bintang and San Miguel kept everyone cool, the Plaga wine kept them lubricated, the back yard was standing room only and this was going to be a night to remember. Sons of the East have been providing the soundtrack to the numerous event videos released over the week and were on stage in person to take things up a notch. Playing familiar tracks and some never heard before from their upcoming EP, the Sons got the crowd amped, the whole Temple of Enthusiasm jumping to their folk-blues-rock tunes. The bottles of Sailor Jerry rum awarded to the winners were shared and drained and the party pumped all night long. Sore heads would be the painful reminders of good times had, but for tonight, it was an enthusiastic night of camaraderie and apt send-off for the four-day celebration of outstanding music, superb art and spectacular surfing. The ripples would echo and the memories would remain…until next year. With the swell set for another boost in the coming week, the Deus Nine Foot & Single maybe over but the stoke will keep pumping – let the good times roll.


Deus Nine Foot & Single:
  1. Harrison Roach
  2. Josh Constable
  3. Jye Byrnes
  4. Jared Mell
Deus Under Nine Foot & Single:
  1. Harrison Roach
  2. Jared Mell
  3. Zye Norris
  4. Matt Cuddihy
Deus Ladies' Log Fest:
  1. Honolua Blomfield
  2. Ryobay Maruyama
  3. Sierra Lerback
  4. Maddie Gross
Deus Womp Comp:
  1. Simon Patchett
  2. Harrison Roach
  3. Zye Norris
  4. Dylan Kaczmarek
For more information on the Deus Nine Foot & Single, visit the website: deuscustoms.com/9ftandsingle Photos: @kelibow