April 03 2020 Friday at 10:02 AM

Deus Slidetober Fest 2013 - A Moto & Surf Rally

Deus ex Machina is all geared up for a gob-smacking, rip-roaring weekend. The 3rd annual Deus Slidetober Fest - Moto Surf Rally. We’ve thrown a spanner in the works this year, we’ve added Moto X to what was a Surf rally. And best thing is it’s happening this weekend. 12th -13th October 2013 We start things off at the Deus Temple Friday night, the 11th Oct with a meet and greet. To help get you there we’ll put on a little party fare. Some tantalizing tidbits to tangle the tongue around and a few thirst quenches to wash them down. You got to be on time though; free flow food and booze from 7pm -8pm. We’ve some house keeping to go through. Contestant briefings, a run down on the rules and even some handy maps to find the Moto X track. The rest of the night will be DJ Kamau mixed with bouts of bravado and to get ya game face on, that classic bike flick; “On Any Given Sunday” For those more from the surf side we'll also be screening the water classic, "Endless summer". Moto Madness is set for Saturday morning you need to get to the Temple by 6am if you want to ride with the masses. We head out to Kedungu for our inaugural Moto X meet. Our new little event that’s bound to be a treat. The first flag drops at 7am to get that race underway. We will start with big and go to small. 225cc and under; 150cc and under and the third being a peewee event on brand new Yamaha 50cc’s. The Deus Bar and Grill will be there all day serving up refreshments and our surf side track is a beautiful setting to have some fun in the sand, whether you’re a competitor or spectator, this day is set to be a blast. Expect things to wind up track side around 3pm giving you all ample time to get back to wash up before heading once again to the Deus Temple for a sneak peek into the latest Deus flick. Kicking in at 7pm is the raw rushes from “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night” with DJ Ozlem doing live mixes over the top. There’ll also be the heat draw for Sunday’s Surf comp and bound to be a lot of talk about how things went down on the day at the track. Sunday morning is another early start. Contestants are required down at the Rivermouth Pantai Canggu by 6:30am for a 7am start. Spinning the Wheel-o-Steel is how the contestants select their ride. Choice is from a plethora of Deus Custom shapes; all numbered. We should wind things up shore side by 2pm. An afternoon lay down an acceptable recharge to get ready for a big night for all our grinners and winners. 7pm will see the announcements of who fared and how far they got. An overall best on weekend will also be announced. For the music we have a slew of local and international talents; For bands we have the uber talented Gypsy Cavemen & the ever popular Dialog Dini Hari. They’ll be joined by DJ and performer Ozlem throughout the night. We’ve a late license that runs until 2am. So more than enough time to get on down. Be great to see you all there.