April 03 2020 Friday at 12:20 PM

Deus Slidetober Fest 2015 - All Wrapped Up with a Bow on the Top.

We had the winners of five different competitions. We then added a healthy dose of musicians from three amazing acts; Sashi, Dice and Balinese R&B Guru Made J and his super hot band. We then lubricated the whole thing with thousands of litres of everyone’s favoured imbibes and left it to ferment through an evening and into the morning. What more could you ask for? The Temple punches out a great Sunday night normally so when you add to that our 5th birthday celebration slash competition weekend fest, you have the makings of a rambunctious riot of impressive proportions. Wall to wall and coconut palm tall the Temple swayed and strained under the brute force of a backyard full of dancing and jumping people. It was the epic end to an epic weekend. Here’s the list of who won what and that’s that cause we have to get back out and into the last of it. Beach Track Friday Open Division 1st Place – Kevin Morel 2nd Place – Marcus Becker 3rd Place – Charlie Boorman Vintage 1st Place – Nathan Barker 2nd Place – Edi Susanto 3rd Place – Pomali Surfing Saturday 1st Place – Harrison Roach 2nd Place – Tomohisa Yoshikawa 3rd Place - Chris McHutchinson 4th Place – Jared Mell Sunday Moto X Open Division 1st Place – Forrest 2nd Place – Zye Norris 3rd Place – Tom Edwards Vintage Division 1st Place – Matt Cuddihy 2nd Place – Husni Ridwan 3rd Place – Nathan Barker