April 03 2020 Friday at 03:00 PM


Well, today was day three and we all went out to the track. It’s an hour away. Up in the limestone hills behind Uluwatu in an area called Pecatu. The track is kinda new and run by Bali Dirt Bikes, good friends of ours, who let us out there to run riot. We came down with a dozen van loads of bikes and parts and set about getting three classes of riders up and ready for what was an incredibly dusty day ahead. The track is in an old limestone quarry hewn out of the Bukit, we’re on the flat side looking across at the towering 20 metre shear wall with a myriad of tabletops and doubles, burns and other moto x obstacles all designed to break bike and rider in between. And damn it looked the part too. You know some tracks look mean? This one did to the nth degree. Well, the landscape succeeded in one respect. Of the 15 odd hire bikes we bought to the track, only a handful made it out in one piece. Riders I am happy to say, all made it out alive with barely a bump or bruise amongst them. Kelana Humphrey dominated both the Vintage and the open classes, at 11 years old and against people twice and three times his age, that’s no mean feat. He was in his element. Boosting off of the jumps and clearing the doubles and tabletops as easily as if he was riding his bicycle down the road. The vintage class bought out a lot of local riders who all passionately had restored GL Pro’s and DT’s. Just got to say that the smell of two-stroke and the high pitched pinging of their exhausts adding a wonderful patch of nostalgia to the proceedings. In our third class, there was nothing but first-class riding when we got a jaw-dropping display by the Superclass. 250cc’s and up. Made up mainly of local riders, Mattias Morrie, Patrick Napoli, David Villa, Ignacio Arroyo, Massimo Falconi & Jake Short. We added in two of our team riders Todd Cram and Forrest Minchinton. The eight riders gave us the perfect combination for four man-on-man heats. The real deal, these guys spent as much time in the air as on the ground, It was truly breathtaking to watch them go head to head until the final with Todd Cram and Patrick Napoli which was hold your breath stuff as they went right down to the wire in trading the front to back positions. Finally, though Patrick pipped Todd by a bike length as they flew, quite literally across the finishing line and took out the open.