April 03 2020 Friday at 03:00 PM

DEUS SLIDETOBERFEST 2019 - The Canggu Flat Track

Undoubtedly the funnest way to finish the activity side of the Deus Slidetoberfest long weekend has to be whizzing around in circles out front of the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm on our own little Flat Track. This was an event we’d come up within 2017 and we resurrected for this year. Not sure why it’s taken so long because damn it was so much fun to be in and even a hellova lot of fun to watch. With each heat being only about two or three minutes long even the shortest attention spans were entertained. Up close and in your face. The crowd was closed in, tight up, and all over the gates. All of us were collectively wondering where it would go. It felt new and we kind of knew it. Four specially modified KLX 150’s. They were, in essence, the same, a level playing field but branded in the colours of four of our stores, or more importantly, the colours of the countries they are in. Going into the first heat under the midday sun, we didn’t know what to expect. The track was nearly twice as long as the last time and it seemed more powdery and a hell of a lot slipperier than anyone remembered it Members of the village in which we live, have long thought we were a few cards short of a playing deck and building a race track in the carpark just fuels this idea. We kind of like that! We built up our tents and put up a couple of bars. Whacked beer on ice and fried burgers but most of all we assembled fifty-odd riders who came in hot from four corners with nothing more on their mind than to be the fasted on the white stuff. While we know the commentators to be wrong about it being the only flat track in Indonesia, it is probably the only one in Bali. Let’s hope we get to do it again before everything is asphalted over. The winners were… Deus 2019 Canggu Flat track 1st Place - Kelana Humphrey 2nd Place - Nick Lapaglia 3rd Place - Wisarut 4th Place - Ignacios