April 03 2020 Friday at 03:00 PM

DEUS SLIDETOBERFEST 2019 - Oh what a bunch of nights

We may focus a lot on the day events of the Deus Slidetoberfest which is really what the long weekend of Sliding and riding is all about but the nights are just as important. They give us the chance to blow off a little steam. A welcome respite after a day in the sun whether we have been out riding bikes or mixing it up in the surf on some Deus boards. There’s a chance for bragging and boasting. But many are laughing at silly mistakes and misfortunes but most of all they are the grounding one needs in making sure we don’t take any of it too seriously. Thursday we put the big screen up in the back yard and showed a couple of movies. The theme was, of course, biased to bikes but we included a splash of surf. Bean bags and popcorn. Bintangs and laughter. Everyone was still on a high from the Swank Rally we’d run that day and conversations about the seaside course and the beauty of the remote Bali coast where we ran it peppered most of the conversations. Friday we tried something new by mixing things up a bit in the music department by inviting the music collective known as PNNY to come in and loosen the joints. Not the type of music we usually play it was the natural reaction to a changing scene. Canggu is not the place it was when we first moved here and this was an excellent reaction with many saying it was the best night of the weekend. Art shows are the staple of Saturday night during our events. This year we lucked out and we were both super stoked and humbled to have the Young Jerks from NYC opened their amazing show, This Must Be The Place in our little gallery. Dan Cassaro and Dan Christofferson run a creative studio that has been doing work for Deus for the past few years and we thought it would be a bloody good idea to get them out for our event. The Dan’s, as they are affectionately known around the office, couldn’t both make it unfortunately but we were treated to Jillian & Dan Christofferson who came out and created an amazing space. The show will run until the first week of November. Sundays bloody Sunday. The nail in the box. The final night after all the days past, sure we’re tired but we’ve been hanging out for this all weekend long. It’s always a music fuelled last hurrah from a weekend where we’ve smiled until we split our mouths. Awards are given and sponsors bottles drunk and now it’s time for the main attraction. This year we welcomed back to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, after way too long an absence, Australia’s Last Dinosaurs. A Brissy Indie band that seems to spend more time on the US West Coast than the Oz East Coast. They played us away. Winners are grinners and below is a full list of them. We started Thursday over at Apian Kapas beach with the Swank Rally Swank Rally Open 4th Mattia Morri 3rd Nick Lapaglia 2nd Todd Cram 1st Forrest Minchton Swank Rally Vintage 4th Giang Alam Wardani 3rd Mattia Morri 2nd Dean Permana 1st Deni Pirdaus On Friday we had the Surf event down at Perenenan Beach.| This one was still a mystery as we didn’t announce the winners on the beach. 4th place Charlie Stambo 3rd place Kadek PSC 2nd place Aria PSC 1st place Nathan Monchett Day three we went to the Bukit and raced Motorcross Moto X Open 4th Patrick Napoli 3rd Micah Davis 2nd Todd Cram 1st Kelana Humphrey Moto X Vintage 4th Wawam 3rd Apicha 2nd Sandy 1st Kelana Humphrey Sunday we ran the Canggu Flat Track 4th Ignasios 3rd Wisarut 2nd Nick Lapaglia 1st Kelana Humphrey And there was an Overall Weekend Winner. Kelana Humphrey (74) Tod Cram (70) Nick Lapaglia (64)