April 03 2020 Friday at 07:02 AM

Deus X Helltrust

During a trip to Bandung a few months ago, Theo and myself had the good fortune of meeting a resident frame builder who had become quite popular in the local fixer gear scene. 'Stone' was his name, and making raw-ed out trick frames was most definitely his game.
Over our extended weekend, Stone showed us around and gave us the run down on what was what in Bandung. After seeing a few of his 'Helltrust' frames on the street I knew we had to have some...so we put in an order and low and behold they arrived today!
These bare bones trick frames fashioned from high tensile steel and feature British bottom brackets and track end drop outs. We've got a couple of 57cm sets in stock, so if your looking for a new ride come check these out!