April 03 2020 Friday at 06:03 AM

Dirt Road Diary - Blog Entry #3

The silence of the night was broken just prior to dawn with the sounding of cockerels from every coop in the village… Natures alarm clock was all the encouragement we needed to stretch and amble the 4 feet from our beds to the door, only to feel that southerly wind blowing again. To our disappointment it seemed like it had set it's course and wasn't going anywhere soon, which lowered group morale due the to fact that most of the waves we were searching out didn't really hold up well with a southerly.
The obligatory batch of morning instant coffee was ordered and our troupe made basic conversation between each other as the caffeine did its job and glassy eyes and mugginess wore off. Just as it seemed that we were destined for a return to our domiciles, a text came through from Tim and Stewie, a couple of friends that resided on the island we were exploring…And it was good news…Directions to a wave that liked a good southerly wind were received and before the ripples in our coffee cups could settle, the bikes were packed and we were off.
Sticking to the coast as we pulled out of of little fishing village, we proceeded to meander our way into the mountains, following one of the most scenic roads imaginable. We were surrounded by huge emerald green capped hills that flowed smoothly into white cliffs which dropped straight into the crystal blue waters below them. The light of the morning just accentuated its beauty and we witnessed everything in its full range of splendor as we covered the miles on a path that was both high and low, with both dirt and pavement. I cant speak for the others, but it was probably the greatest ride of my life… Although it may have been the pure caffeine flowing through my veins. After a couple of hours of climbing and descending through this amazing trail, we eventually pulled up to our directions end…And sure enough as we stopped in the sand, facing us was a right and left that was offshore and peeling into the shallow reef of a secluded bay… And best of all…There was no one out. The crew were off their bikes and in the water before I could even scope out our picturesque locale. Salsa opted for the very shallow left while Ellis and Tyler took turns on the cliffside ending right. Hours passed and the sun moved higher in the sky as our trio made full use of our perfectly desolate slice of coastline. When the first session was over, we sat in the shade and realized how lucky we were to have found this place…White sand, crude but effective bamboo shades, good waves and great company…Its all you could ever need we thought…Until the realization that we had brought no food and little water set in. Oops. Just as we came to terms with the fact that we may be hungry and thirsty for a while, a local man who had been observing our goings on from a distant hilltop made his way down the goat trail towards us. He came into sight through the bushes on his ancient scooter, and low and behold he was loaded to the brim with supplies… Noodles, water and strange chocolates… We were set for the day. Time went by as we swam, read, napped on the beach and surfed a little more. Tyler took D.Humps grom, Kelana, out into the bay and pushed him into a few waves, receiving many a smile as his payment. Before you knew it, we had spent the entire day in paradise. As we started to think about packing up, a couple of Chilean guys emerged from the water after a day of free diving. In their hands were a couple of rather large Grand Trevally they had speared and they were nice enough to share them with us. Great dinner. We rode back in darkness, the scenic rough we had arrived on earlier seemed a lot harder with no light but our headlamps… But with a good day under our belt, and a belly full of grilled fish… I don't think anybody really minded.