April 03 2020 Friday at 11:21 AM

A Date with the Dirt

Up at sparrows on Saturday morning, freezing and still half asleep we arrive at the Nepean dirt track blanketed in fog so thick you could feel water in your lungs. Dead silence, the only sound disturbing the tranquility was the rattle of chains and sprockets shaking hands as the bikes rolled off trailers. As the fog started to lift the tools started to fly then like a gunshot the staccato of two stroke combustion tore the silence and the smell of burning oil drifted through the pits like incense in a Bali imports boutique. It was go time. For several hours two and four stroke machines were being fettled and warmed up while everyone was getting ready for some mud mask action. Being a first timer to a dirt track, the energy surrounding me felt electric. I could feel the excitement from the riders as they were prepping for their run, you can't bottle that sort of energy. Once the practice runs started, all that could be seen were a bunch of grown men running left and right to get some track time. 14 practice runs later and everyone was exhausted, it was made clear during the riders briefing to take it easy in the practice session but this instruction seemed to have been been lost in the dust. After a much needed power nap and refuelling for both men and machines it was time to put all of that practice to good use, the real race was on. Our head mechanic Jeremy really started to get the hang of his Honda around the main turn, so much so that on the last lap he got a little too sideways and gave the track a kiss. Even though he walked off the track with a busted lid and bent bike his smile couldn't be wiped off his dial. Fun doesn't come any dirtier. Special thanks to Andy Baker & the Jerkyls for letting us tag along. If you're interested in joining the fun, visit the Jerkyls facebook page