April 03 2020 Friday at 09:03 AM

Assessing The DR

Whenever a bike rolls out the Temple's back yard Bengkel, it undergoes a series of test rides to fine tune, calibrate and ensure that it is indeed ready for the variety of road conditions that Bali…and by 'road' I mean a light dusting of tarmac with intervals of loose limestone, deceptively deep puddles and my favorite, unnecessary patches of gravel.

Usually said test rides are carried out in and around the Temple's surrounding area…but with this DR650 build we decided to really put it through its paces, with its virgin mission consisting of a blast to neighboring island, Lombok.

Equipped with a tank mounted camera, the shiny new steed joined a few of the boys for an 8 hour ferry ride and a weekend wave hunt. The best of both worlds became apparent on the getaway, with the bikes classic aesthetics making it look timeless in its desert surroundings, but also with its functionality suing through…the bike's mono shock took everything in its stride and showed no sign of hitting its limit.

This is the second DR650 that has emerged from the Temple's courtyard, and we have just heard news that Deus Australia is in the process of putting one together in their respective Bengkel…can't wait to see what their take looks like.

Keep an eye out for both our version on the roads of Bali and our Aussie counterparts version hitting the inter webs soon!