April 03 2020 Friday at 11:03 AM

Dress Up Drags 2014

Everyone gathered under the Bali afternoon sun to rip and to tear for a 5th year of fun. From kids to adults the ensemble was wide all dollied up in costume eager to ride. Down to the drag strip with wigs and dress a crowd of misfits a visual mess. Straight to the start line the kids went first for them it was serious they had the winning thirst. For hours we raced, lost and won. Beers, babes, bikes and laughs till the whole thing was done.

Off we scurried as the sun went to bed towards the Temple to drink and be fed. We chatted and argued about races and gear organizing grudge matches to be settled next year. Dustin Thomas sang and kept us moving with smiles and cold beers the crowd was happily grooving.

A great day in Bali with a crowd so mixed get ready for next year Drag Race number six!