April 03 2020 Friday at 09:03 AM

End Of An Era

"The End of an Era" is a pretty good term to describe the departure of great friend and essential member of the Deus family, Julian Zielonka. Before the Temple rose from the Paddies, Julian was there to oversee its construction and after it was build, continued to manage multiple aspects of its day to day operation.…He is part of Deus Bali's DNA , there is no doubt about it. He's off for a year on the global road, fulfilling his wanderlust across countries, provinces and kingdoms alike…So when the time came for him to jump on a jet plane, we sent him off in a style that only Bali could.

Friends and family gathered at the Temple and convoyed down the sandy coast to a secret little bay known has "Happy Beach." From there things proceeded as they always seem to do with Flat track racing, motorcycle Surfing, actual surfing, marshmallows on an open fire and sharing beers 'n' stories with close friends.

We drifted and drank until the sun sunk into its slumber, retreating up the sand with the orange glow of evening on our backs. Its been a crazy 4 years Julian, as cliché as it sounds, we have been through good and bad…I'm just thankful that the former outweighed the latter. We were lucky to have you and wish you nothing but the best of luck in everything you do in the future. God Speed Son.