April 03 2020 Friday at 10:02 AM

Enter The Electric Lala Land

The color, the chaos, the sheer beauty of it all; Electric Lala Land chronicles the experiences of New Zealand-born artist Stuart Smythe during his time on the island of the gods.

Using symbolism, imagery and words, Smythe encapsulates the everyday life of the island; the pace is conveyed in the simplicity of the art, while the mentality is conveyed in its humour. Some pieces have a zest that captures the absurdity and magic of the moments one experiences in Bali, while some carry an important message. Perhaps the most discernable feature of his art is the symbolism, which reflects his ability to express the essential aspects of a theme.

This combined with various devices such as the use of bright colours, boldness, and typography makes for a very consistent and powerful exhibition. It’s eye-catching, and colourful - he is a true artist. The man is a powerhouse of ideas and this upcoming exhibition will showcase quite a large number of art pieces.

The Electric Lala Land Art Exhibition will be held on friday, 8th of November at the Deus Gallery.

Listen to mind-melting tunes while you Lala around the Art work, whet your whistle with a tipple or two, and feast on flamboyant BBQ bites from our backyard grill. Get in on the action from 7pm, it's gonna be a trip!