April 03 2020 Friday at 11:41 AM

Fields of Rust & Gold.

Every year, young and old (mostly old) motorcycle collectors up and down the coast of NSW clean up their sheds to part take in the very first swap meet of the year, The Great Southern Motorcycle Only Swap Meet in the historic town of Goulburn NSW. 2.5 hours south of the big smoke, Goulburn is famous for its amazing rural landscapes, train museum and of course its Big Merino. The quiet town of Goulburn is also a mecca for the vintage bike community, having their very own classic riders club its safe to say that Goulburn doesn't lack any barn finds. And for one day of the year, all that rusty gold is taken out of the barns and put before collectors and enthusiast from far and wide. Located about 15 minutes from the Big Merino, the swap meet takes place in the local showground and believe us when we say, during the swap meet, there isn't a single square meter of grass left. Table after table of unwanted, rusty, rare goodies that would make any two wheel lover spend their rent in a heartbeat. It doesn't matter if you go there with your wallet ready to spend big or not, the place, people and atmosphere are enough of a reason to simply be there. A very unique event, held by unique people who all share the same love of motorcycles.