April 03 2020 Friday at 09:02 AM

Fin inspired sushi knife

You know those ideas you get whilst crooning over a beer, the type of idea that sounds a little crazy but is well within the realms of possibility? Well that's exactly what happened at the Temple but two nights ago. California Sushi chef and friend Tyler Mars, fathomed up the idea to make himself a sushi knife out of fiberglass and resin. "It works with a fin, so if we take that and refine the process….why not?" "The idea popped into my head when I was helping the Smokin' Skull whip up some fins and he said that the cleaver fin we had just made could probably cut through a chicken. I don't know if it was the hours of sun or the dozens of Bintangs but I kept thinking about how steel is folded to make knifes and fiberglass is folded to make fins." explained Tyler. I threw down a template on wood and proceeded to venture into unknown territory…Fiberglass cutting utensils. I found a sexy lookin' piece of scrap fiberglass and started to man handle it into the shape of a sleek piece of kitchenware. After some grinding and sanding we were in business, a blade that looks as sick as anything with an edge sharp enough to impress a Rabi. The test went well, with the knife making quick work of the items on the chopping board. "I cant wait to get this back to the restaurant back home" said tyler after slicing effortlessly through an avocado. Tyler is head chef and partner of hip sushi restaurant 'Zenbu' in California. With this piece of one off cutlery, I'm sure he will turn heads. Tyler will be dicing up some sushi treats at the Deus Cafe this Friday at the Deus Sunset Session, including his signature rolls, the 'Sid Fishious' and 'Satanic Mechanic'. So if you want to see this piece of kitchen art in action or have an empty spot that only sushi can fill, come join us for sunset, sushi and live music kicking off at 5:30pm, Friday the 8th of October.