April 03 2020 Friday at 08:21 AM

Fleas and Itches

Born to a farmer's family, New Zealander, Hugh Stewart grew up on the range so to speak. The eldest of 7 showed little to no interest towards farming and as soon as school was out, hopped a plane to Europe. It was the early 80's and whilst residing in a notorious London squat, Hugh picked up the camera for the first time and started shooting portraits of friends and acquaintances. After what he calls 'a spectacular eviction' Stewart returned to the southern hemisphere, Ending up in Sydney. Now facing unemployment, he put together a portfolio and furthermore received his first assignment shooting for Australian Vogue. Having got his foot in the door, Stewart was then commissioned to shoot for other magazines and advertising agencies.Encouraged he travelled back to London and steadily built up his career that now sees him traveling and working all over the world. He now resides between Sydney, London and New York, and has worked for the likes of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and almost every division of Vogue…to name a few. Celebrity portraits being somewhat his specialty, he has had quite a few names in front of his lens. Everyone, from Clint Eastwood and Johnny Cash to Nicole Kidman and George Clooney have spent their time with him.
Soon we will have the honor of housing a selection of his fine prints upon The Deus Galleys white walls. The 'Fleas and Itches' exhibit will open on January 6th, displaying some of the great portraiture Stewart has shot over the years. Show starts around 7:30pm, so head on down to the Temple of Enthusiasm and check em' out yourself!