April 03 2020 Friday at 08:02 AM

Foam Symmetry

I often contemplate life in the shower. Sometimes I talk to my self, sometimes I answer back. Today I was thinking, “What was the first magazine?” It quite possibly could have been the10 commandments that mosses brought down from the mount. A good read, no adds (well except the obvious one), a little preachy, but all in all well received at the time. From that biblical moment to present day people have used word and pictures to tell stories in the form of books or magazines. Enter “Foam Symmetry” an Australian alternative surf culture mag. Now before you think to yourself, “Oh, another Surf Mag, fantastic”. Foam Symmetry Mag delivers the goods. Minimal adds, creative imagery and stories one can wrap their minds around. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a few pictures and words about an Aussie’s trip to California, Mexico and then Hawaii, titled “Bitch Slap”. If I sound a little biased it’s because Temple-ite Thomas ‘Doc’ Bexon penned a little tale of adventure that was one of the heart warmers of Issue #1. Faithfully recorded in digital by Nicole ‘Just one of the boys’ Gozzer it charts the epic adventures of a merry band from 3am wake up calls in Noosa to getting on planes loaded to the gunnels with fresh blanks to be shaped & glassed at the Deus Temple shaping bay with cohorts, resin genius Jake ‘Cut lap’ Bowrey and young logger extraordinaire, Mat ‘Cuddles’ Cudihy. At the risk of giving a spoiler the article documents the grueling shaping & glassing session the boys endured lubricated by a constant stream of buckets of Bintangs and banter before they were allowed out. Only to embark on an island long drive through smiley faced traffic to find Bali’s Eldorado, a sneaky little right. It’s a rad story in a rad new mag and we’re stoked to carry it here at the Temple. Issue #2 is just out last week have a look for it in your local or order it online. If your over here with us in the land of lag we’ll have it in about 2 weeks… It’s sure to be worth the wait… But hey, as I said before. We’re biased.